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ce4b - Cloud Email 4 Business

Well according to our Chairman our 'New email system is brilliant'.

He did a quick comparison of the new Cloud Email 4 Business platform compared to Microsoft exchange and was blown away by the speed and performance in dealing with 100's of thousands of simultaneous emails as a result of our new marketplace launch campaigns.

The system is designed for massive scalability, which is why it can cope with surges in demand in a way that exchange was just unable to follow.

It also has a number of true enterprise features such as logging all mail into databases, CRM systems and automated email handling systems which are not possible with Exchange.

The ability to look  back in time and quickly query for all email between @UK PLC and another organisation is great for tracking down any issues and if you every have a dispute you can produce all the relevant emails.

Check out the full features at Cloud email 4 business