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@UK PLC's SiteGenerator e-commerce engine is the leading cloud e-commerce system with over 1 million users on the @UK PLC marketplace.

SiteGenerator was created in 1998 and has been continuously updated ever since.  It provides a complete range of e-commerce options from easy to use self build e-commerce sites through to major b2b e-commerce systems.

Key features are:-

  • Built in search engine optimisation
  • Built in integration to all major buying systems
  • Built in integration to all major credit card systems
  • Over 1 million people pre connected to site
  • Easy to use proven by 100,000s of sites created

There are a wide range of versions to meet everyone's needs from one of our newly formed start up companies up to fortune 500 global businesses.  They are all delighted with SiteGenerator e-commerce.

B2B e-commerce

SiteGenerator has been the market leading B2B e-commerce system for the past 8 years, and continues to improve.  There are a few important terms in B2B e-commerce and one of these is 'Punchout'.  This is where a buying organisation goes out onto the web to shop from their finance system.  Punchout allows them to connect to your website, with out having to login, and then they shop whilst viewing the correct products and prices.

SiteGenerator supports all the various forms of punchout, out of the box, and is pre-connected to most major buying organisations.

  • sbxp punchout
  • cXml punchout
  • OCI punchout and
  • OAGXML standard and transparent punchout

B2C e-commerce

SiteGenerator has over 700,000 consumers finding SiteGenerator e-commerce products every day and shopping with our merchants.  Our leading merchants sell millions of pounds of goods each month.

The key to B2C e-commerce is ensuring that sites rank highly in the search engines, and are quick and easy to navigate and that there are no barriers to buying.

SiteGenerator e-commerce is proven to produce good sales, with key features such as:-

  • Baskets that do not time out
  • Familiar easy to use process to minimise drop outs
  • Easy to recall details, to speed up process
  • Automatic fail over between multiple credit card accounts
  • Credit card replay should all your banks be down
  • Drop out emails so customers can resume
  • Drop out emails so you can call any customers that drop out
  • 100% uptime 24x7 so you do not loose sales

@UK PLC gets 100% of its income via sales through our SiteGenerator e-commerce site, and have been dependent on the site for the past 11 years.  Thus, we try very very hard to ensure that it is the best possible e-commerce site and that is running 100% of the time.

G2C e-commerce

People may be less familiar with Government to Citizen e-commerce, but @UK PLC have been providing G2C e-commerce for the past 6 years selling everything :-

  • Wheelie bins
  • University tuition fees
  • Post cards
  • School trips
  • Stationary
  • Furniture
  • Office supplies
  • School supplies

The range of items that our
  • Local Authorities
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • NHS Trusts
  • Other Government bodies

Sell is vast, however the only constant is that they expect a secure, easy to use system, that integrates with their back end systems.  Our B2B and B2C experience along with our integrations into all major government finance systems, makes @UK PLC the obvious choice for any G2C e-commerce system.