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Buyers may on occasion issue an open quote for goods and services that any supplier may respond to.

Please click on the view quotes button below to view any request for quotes that may offer a business opportunity to your organisation

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Take a free trial of a SiteGenerator ecommerce site and see how much more you can sell on a pay as you go basis.

Pay As You Go

Sign up for our pay as you go SiteGenerator package for an intial charge of £1.
This package gives you all the functionality of our subscription package for an initial 10 sales through the UKPLC marketplace.Once your introductory 10 sales have been used subsequent sales are charged at 99p. At this point we would recommend you upgrade to one of our subscription packages, however you are free to continue with this model should you choose to.

Click on the link below to sign up for this package. Once you have put your completed your payment for 10 inital sales for £1 click the 'next steps' button on the reciept to begin building your site

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Over 700,000 consumers already setup and waiting to purchase your goods and services


Over 300,000 business already setup and waiting to purchase your goods and services


  • 2,385 Schools (
  • 411 NHS (
  • 545 LA, Central (
  • 562 Unis and HE (
  • 1,706  NGOs (
  • 24 Police (
  • 25 Mod (

How to maximise your sales?

Better quality content is the key to online sales along with getting more traffic, find out how we can improve your content, traffic to your website, and make you easy to do business with.


Websites need a good and consistant navigation. We can improve your navigation using e2class, and move you up the marketplace

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Cost per sale

Goods and services that are e2class classified are eligible for cost per sale advertising starting from 10p per sale

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Search engine optimisation

Search engines normally account for between 30-90% of internet sales. Our system is designed to achieve high rankings.


We can improve your site design so that you make more sales.

Designs start from £ 700


SiteGenerator ecommerce site supports all punchout types

A large no of organisations are already connected.

Cost per click

You need to start with adverts on search engines, to get traffic since it takes time to build up search engine ranking.

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