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Success Stories

One of our original ambitions was to make our customers into millionaires.  We have quite a few customers who have created SiteGenerator e-commerce sites with us and gone on to earn millions of pounds a year or even a month from their sites.

Now in addition to all the companies that we start up each year, we have major businesses using our SiteGenerator platform.  These organisations are worth billions, and we hope that some of our start up's and new e-commerce sites can grow to the same level.  One thing that you can be sure of your e-commerce website will grow to meet your ambitions however lofty they are!!

In e-procurement we have similar ambitions, in this case it is saving our customers millions.  We do this by providing the best Spend Analysis system on the market in the form of SpendInsight, and we guarantee that our customers will save money from using SpendInsight.  Our e-procurement system is similarly proven to save our customers millions, and is in use with all the major finance systems.